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Darren Kavinoky

Darren Kavinoky is an award-winning lawyer with several dozen winning trial verdicts. He has worked as a TV legal analyst for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, and as a regular contributor to CNN and HLN. He was the co-creator and host of crime TV shows Deadly Sins and Did He Do It? on Investigation Discovery. Most importantly, his deep understanding of criminal law helps the sexual abuse cases he now concentrates on, since they often involve criminal proceedings.  Darren’s vast media experience and relationships helps ensure accountability both in court, and in the court of public opinion.


Jennifer McGrath

Jennifer McGrath is lead counsel in Jane Doe vs. The Regents of the University of California. She represents nearly one hundred brave women who are survivors of alleged sexual predator UCLA gynecologist Dr. James Heaps. She is perhaps best known for representing Terry Bollea-- aka professional wrestling icon Hulk Hogan-- against media giant for the site’s unauthorized release of a private video.  She helped earn Bollea a $140 Million dollar verdict— the second largest jury verdict in the United States at the time.


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No words can ever describe how thankful I am to have you in my life! Thank you so much! For everything!!

I am grateful for you, your kindness, and your fortitude to help all of us who struggle through this journey to be heard, respected and protected.

Thank you both for always standing next to me.  I don’t have the words to express what both of you meant to me. THANK YOU!!!!


The "Missing" Piece

Finding the right lawyer should feel like finding the last piece to a jigsaw puzzle.
Law firms are very different, both in their capabilities and personalities. Without the right help for you, taking on a legal challenge can leave you feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Let us show you how “right” it can be.
Sexual abuse by someone you trust can shake your core beliefs. Even before you are aware of what happened to you, it can impact your life and relationships, and cause you to doubt your judgment.
The lawyers of McGrath Kavinoky have helped hundreds of women understand what happened, and to place the responsibility squarely where it belongs – with the aggressors and those who enabled them. Taking legal action can be an important step toward forgiving yourself, healing and rebuilding your ability to trust.  

Together we win.®

Finding the right lawyer shouldn’t be a puzzle.


UCLA’s OB/GYN Scandal

UCLA gynecologist Dr. James Heaps was once a respected and highly paid physician. On June 10, 2019, Heaps was arrested for multiple felony sex offenses for abuse during exams. More than one hundred brave women have since come forward to declare they too were survivors of Dr. Heaps.

UCLA now says they are “deeply sorry that a former member of our staff violated our policies and standards, our trust, and the trust of his patients.” 

However, as contended in our lawsuits, UCLA chose to ignore repeated reports from women who were abused over decades. UCLA must be held accountable for its choice to put women in harm’s way instead of stopping the abuse.


We are proud to announce the settlement for our 312 clients in the case against UC Regents and Dr. James Heaps of UCLA for $374.4 million dollars.


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